Become a Mentor

Opportunities for growth in many different ways!

If you meet our qualifications to become a Mentor and enjoy helping, teaching, coaching, or more income keep reading to see what this program can do for YOU and YOUR business!

Personally you will have to opportunity to help guide newer agents through their first 5 transactions, giving them training and support you wish you had! Make life easier for someone else using the knowledge you have gained through your own, and other Mentors, experiences. Economically for that guidance and support, you will be compensated with 15% of each of your Mentee’s first 5 transactions. With a few Mentees on your team, that adds up quick and is a great source of extra income! Professionally if you find a Mentee you gel with start a team when they graduate from the Mentorship Program using TeamUP! Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Now you have a tremendous team of Realtors YOU have had a hand in training and know will fit YOUR team!

Mentors meet with our managing broker at least once a month to discuss everything from how their Mentees are doing to new and exciting ways to keep them engaged and moving forward!

Professional Growth is
a never ending path!

Jennifer Love

Realty ONE Group Professional

Realty ONE Group was a no brainer. Being a part of a brokerage that puts their professionals first with their trainings and technology is something you can’t find to this degree, anywhere else.

Michael Gabriel

Realty ONE Group Professional

At my last company after all the fees and splits I was taking home 50%, but at Realty ONE Group I’m taking home 100% and I love the friendly environment!

Lee Stevens

Realty ONE Group Professional

Realty ONE Group called to me due to the professional first structure. We all work very hard for our clients and have our own unique visions for what our business should look like and how it should look like in the years ahead. Every day that has passed since I’ve made the switch has reassured me that I have without a doubt made the right choice. Broker support, tools and feeling like part of a team that will take your business to the next level is what Realty ONE Group is all about! Other brokers say that were the shiny new penny, my colleagues and I say were the golden penny. Come by and decide for yourself.

Nicole Merwin

Realty ONE Group Professional

Realty ONE Group is a fantastic place to work for those in the real estate field. They believe in their professionals and empower them to be the best they can be. It’s a great brokerage for fun, support, and advancing your knowledge of real estate. They are forward thinking and offer great tech tools. Realty one Group is on the cutting edge of changing the brokerage model in our industry which is what drew me to join in the first place, the atmosphere and culture of the office is why I’m proud to say I’m part of the team.

Theresa Angula

Realty ONE Group Professional

Keller Williams had made me many promises that never came true and they weren’t giving me the support I needed. They simply didn’t have what I was looking for in an agency. Realty ONE Group was the complete opposite! The brokers are always there for me & the technology makes everything easier. Realty ONE Group offers me all the support and training I will ever need.


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